Benefits Of Booster Shots

Benefits Of Booster Shots

Vitamin booster shots are a fast and effective way to provide your body with a concentrated dose of vitamins to help boost your nutrient levels instantly.

Vitamin booster shots at Lume are administered into your deltoid or gluteus muscle — ultimately bypassing the GI metabolism and allowing for a higher bioavailability. In simple terms, booster shots provide your body with a higher level of nutrients than could be achieved by diet or supplements alone!

So, why should you get one? Below are some of the top benefits of booster shots!

Here are 5 more benefits of adding booster shots to your regular wellness regimen:

  • Takes less than a minute to administer into the body.
  • Keeps your immune system strong.
  • Provides a quick pick me up with an instant boost of energy.
  • Better results in less time when compared to oral vitamins.
  • Improves your mood.

    Regardless of the vitamin booster shot you choose, there are a multitude of health benefits that can be catered to your health specifically.

    Learn more about the Booster Shots we offer at Lume and how they can help support your health and wellness routine here.


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