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Promote healing from the inside out with the Infrared Sauna - an effective tool for natural healing, detoxifying, and deep mental and physical rejuvenation.


The infrared sauna supports a natural detoxification process by purifying the body of toxins and calming the nervous system. An infrared sauna session also improves blood circulation + lowers blood pressure, reduces injury recovery time, promotes cardiovascular and immune system health, and overall cell health.


    Our Full Spectrum Infrared sauna comfortably fits 2 people and offers chromatherapy to further enhance your relaxation. We’ll set you up with plenty of water during your session and we have a shower for your use after your 30-45minutes of detox.

    Infrared Saunas use light from infrared lamps (that use electromagnetic radiation) to create heat. A traditional sauna uses heat to warm the air, which in turn warms your body. An infrared sauna heats your body directly without warming the air around you. The heat penetrates more deeply than warmed air. This allows you to experience a more intense sweat at a lower temperature.

    Appt time: 45 minutes

    Our bodies are held together by a web like structure that weaves itself all through the body called fascia.

    With infrared therapy, the infrared wave penetrates 1.5” to 2” into the body stimulating a relaxation response allowing the muscles and tendons to unwind and release tension.

    The penetrating heat also raises the core body temperature which creates a “false fever” in the body forcing the immune system to spring into action and start making more white blood cells. The result is a reduction in swelling and inflammation, two major factors in easing chronic pain.

    In addition, as the infrared heat elevates your core body temperature, capillaries and arteries dilate to increase blood flow allowing more oxygen rich blood to travel to areas of tension and pain. Your muscles, joints, and soft tissue experience relief and healing.



    What do I wear in the sauna?

    We recommend going nude or in your underwear, be prepared to sweat. Lume provides robes and towels for your sauna session.

    Is there anything I should do before of after my sauna session?

    It’s important to drink a lot of water before, during and after your sauna session. We have a shower for you to use, we recommend rinsing off any lotions or creams on your body before your session and showering after your sauna.

    How will I feel after my session?

    You should feel very relaxed and calm, which sometimes feels like tiredness.

    How often should I use an infrared sauna?

    It’s recommended to use the sauna 3-4 days per week in order to feel the maximum benefits.

    Is it safe?

    Even though infrared saunas have been found to be fairly safe, we recommend people with any health conditions such as high blood pressure, heart problems, or are under medical care, get cleared by your doctor before your first session.