Zoom Slim Drip IV Drip

Slim Drip IV Drip


Key Benefits: Metabolism Boost & Weight Loss Support

This drip is formulated to be a helpful part of your health and wellness journey. Hydrate your body, rev your metabolism, and replenish your muscles. This is your motivation’s best alley to increase your energy and kick start your workout plan.

Ingredients: Amino Blend, B Complex, Carnitine, Vitamin C

Intravenous (IV) Drips deliver a combination of saline solution, vitamins, minerals and electrolytes directly into the bloodstream. The ingredients in the Slim Drip IV Drip include: Amino Blend, B Complex, Carnitine, and Vitamin C to increase hydration, replenish muscles, and give your metabolism a boost.

All of the ingredients in our drips are found naturally in the body either through organic production or consumption through our diet. Your body will use the maximum amount of what it needs from your IV drip and excrete the rest for maximum effect. The duration of a single treatment varies from person to person, but tends to last between 30 – 45 minutes.

Slim Drip IV Drip


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