How Cryotherapy Helps with Recovery

How Cryotherapy Helps with Recovery

At Lume, we believe that rest and recovery are an essential component of any health and wellness routine. One of our most popular (and the most effective) recovery services we offer is Cryotherapy.

If you’ve heard of cryotherapy then you probably know it involves freezing temperatures — literally translating to “cold therapy.” It is a quick yet effective full body service utilizing ultra low temperatures to promote a multitude of healing benefits including immunity boost, pain and inflammation reduction and collagen production.

Although it’s a service that is widely used among professional athletes to help expedite muscle recovery time, you definitely don’t need to be an athlete to benefit from the many healing aids cryo has to offer!

So, how exactly does cryotherapy help speed up muscle recovery time?

When you step into the cryo chamber, the freezing cold temps penetrate your skin and force your body into what is known as “survival mode.” Your body senses the intense cold and your blood flow is redirected to areas of your body that need the most protection — your core. Once you step out of the chamber, your body experiences something of a “rebound effect” as your blood returns to its normal flow which helps deliver nutrient-rich blood to your extremities and aids in muscle recovery and healing.

Check out this page to learn more about Cryotherapy at Lume and how it can help support your overall recovery.


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