4 Ways to Achieve Your Nutrition Goals

4 Ways to Feel Better and Live Healthier

You may have heard it before - how you fuel your body is directly linked to how your body performs day in and day out.  I’m not just talking about athletes but the general public. 

Our bodies use the food and supplement sources we provide it by breaking it down into a form that can be used as energy.  So the real question is - what quality is your body getting?  

Below I’ve laid out a quick guide for keeping yourself healthy and well fueled.

How to Live and Feel Your Best

1. Eat whole foods

This can be easier said than done.  Set yourself up for success by making sure you prioritize going to the grocery store and meal prepping.  When you're shopping fill your cart with things that are sold on the perimeter of the store - e.g. fruits, vegetables, fresh meat and fish, fresh dairy, etc. 

Fill in what’s needed from the internal aisles but note that the nutritional value of those foods is likely to be lower.

2. Use Supplements

As I just mentioned, eating whole foods is the best source of nutrition - BUT oftentimes we eat the same or similar foods day in and day out.  This creates nutritional holes in our diets. 

To ensure your body is getting the vitamins, clean proteins, and minerals that it needs, supplements will be essential.  Note - not all vitamins and minerals are created equally. 

The best way to get vitamins is through an IV drip or Vitamin Booster Shot - both methods avoid the digestive system and allow for very high absorption rates. 

Gentle reminder - we can help you with your vitamins (wink, wink!).  Of course, oral vitamins are always an option, just make sure they are well sourced and not off the shelves of your local grocery store or pharmacy (those usually contain a lot of fillers and are lower quality vitamins and minerals). 

3. Drink your water

It’s as simple as it comes. Prioritize drinking water.  Wearing a mask does make this a bit difficult at times.  Buy yourself a new water bottle that you love, track your water consumption in a daily notebook or phone. 

There are multiple ways to find something that clicks for you.  Drinking enough water aids in proper digestion, supports your metabolism, and keeps your immune system running effectively. 

Fun fact: IV Drips increase your hydration by sending electrolyte-charged water straight into your bloodstream.  It really doesn’t get more efficient than that!

4. Consistency is key

Everything that is listed above will help keep you healthy and your body running properly.  The big caveat to that is, what you do on a consistent basis is most important. 

Find the best system for you to consume high quality nutrition - whether that’s visiting Lume on a regular basis, working with a nutrition coach, or doing on your own.  All are winning approaches as long as it’s done consistently.

This quick guide is the starting point to help you achieve your nutrition goal.  The Lume Team is here to help - please feel free to reach out to us with any questions.

Meredith Hanigan

Practice Manager

Precision Nutrition L1 Coach


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