Valentine’s Day Special at Lume

Valentine’s Day Special at Lume

All February Treat Yourself to Lume’s Valentine’s Package

February is time for Self-Care and Self-Love. There’s no better way to take care of yourself than pampering yourself at Lume - Chicago’s top spot for wellness.Take advantage of our Valentine’s Month Package. 

Treat Yourself, Love yourself at Lume

Lume’s core values include a focus on rest and recovery. We invite you to enjoy a day of self-love and care with us. Our Valentine’s Day package is meant to promote self-healing and a sense of peace. It includes all the following services.

  • 60 Minute Massage
  • Relax your mind as your body melts during this deep-tissue massage targeting built-up stress and tension.

  • Infrared Sauna Session
  • Detox your body in our large sauna suite that includes a shower and other amenities. Soothe sore muscles and accelerate your metabolism as you luxuriate in warmth.

  • Vitamin Shot
  • Vitamin Shots instantly infuse your body with nutrients. Because they bypass the digestive system and provide 100% of the desired nutrients, they are immediately absorbed.

  • Cryotherapy Session
  • This quick yet effective full-body experience in ultra-low temperatures promotes several healing benefits. You’ll enjoy reduced pain and inflammation while your collagen production and immunity increase. 

    To learn more about our services or to book an appointment, call Lume today.


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