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Lume is a premier wellness hub offering a curated menu of treatments designed to help you look and feel your best.

Our IV Therapy Drips are offered in the comfort and convenience of our wellness lounge, located near the Gold Coast of Chicago. The IV drip delivers a nutrient-rich solution directly into your bloodstream, which means it has a 100% absorption rate, much higher than pill vitamins or supplements. Each of our vitamin drips is specially formulated to address your individual health and wellness needs, utilizing a strategic blend of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

Our IV drips are always administered by one of our Registered Nurses, so you can feel confident you’re in safe and experienced hands. Don’t wait to experience the boost a vitamin drip can provide—schedule your IV Drip Therapy at Lume today.

IV Vitamin Drip Therapy Gold Coast Menu


Boost and protect your immune system with this invigorating blend. Perfect for anyone recovering from an illness or simply needing an immunity boost during a busy month.


Ingredients: Vitamin C & Zinc

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The Slim Drip is specially designed to hydrate your system, invigorate your metabolism, and support healthy muscle repairs. If you need a boost to accompany your workout plan, this IV drip is your best bet.


Ingredients: Carnitine & Amino Blend

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The Glow Getter is great for anyone looking to boost their skin, nail, and hair health. It helps address scarring and skin inflammation, leading to more radiant, glowing skin.


Ingredients: Biotin & Glutathione

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This IV drip is specially designed to ease anxiety and promote relaxation. It’s perfect for balancing your mood and calming anxiety after a long, stressful week.


Ingredients: Magnesium & Calcium

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Our most popular IV drip, this formula is designed to help individuals recover from a big athletic event or simply an intense day at the gym.


Ingredients: B-Complex & Magnesium

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How it works


During your IV Drip Therapy, the vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes are able to move directly into your system, where they become immediately absorbed by your cells. This significantly shortens the time it takes for them to become immediately available to your cells, greatly decreasing the time it takes for the formula to take effect.


Our intravenous vitamin drip delivers 100% of the nutrients directly into your bloodstream, unlike regular supplements, which only have an absorption rate of 20-30%.

The Experience

During your IV treatment, you’ll have complete privacy. Feel free to read, work, listen to music, or nap if you like. Each session typically lasts around 30 to 60 minutes.
Our Wellness Managers will check in with you frequently to see if there’s anything you need.
We prioritize your comfort during your IV drip appointments. You’ll have access to comfortable couches, warm blankets, hot tea, and charging ports for your devices.
Because our IV infusions don’t require any recovery time, you can return to work (or play) as soon as you finish treatment.
"Lume is truly my happy place. The saunas are incredible, the IV just brought me back to life after a sickness, and the staff makes you feel so at home.."

- Anna P. on Google Reviews


How often should I get an IV?

The frequency at which you can receive IV therapy depends on your individual goals and needs. Generally, the benefits of IV therapy can be experienced with just one treatment. However, the recommended frequency of visits typically falls within the range of 1 to 2 sessions per week. It is important to consider factors such as your specific health concerns, desired outcomes, and the guidance of a healthcare professional in determining the optimal frequency of IV treatments for you.

At Lume, the IV Drip hydration is ONLY administered by Registered Nurses who have extensive training with best practices for administering IVs.

You may experience some slight discomfort during the needle insertion, but you shouldn’t be in any pain during the rest of the IV session.

At Lume Wellness, special protocols are in place to ensure safety and comfort for patients who are nervous about needles. These protocols aim to address their specific needs and provide a more comfortable experience

No, there haven't been any complaints about pain during regular Vitamin IV Drip Therapy.*

*NAD+ Therapy may however be uncomfortable. See one of our Registered Nurses for more information and how we try to minimize any discomfort.

The majority of our patients will tell you they didn't feel a thing during IV hydration. Some may feel a pinch, but overall, no one has complained about pain.

Our IV Vitamin Drips are always administered by a Lume registered nurse. Additionally, we provide a consultation before your appointment to ensure the drip will be safe and beneficial for your health needs.

Wear comfortable clothing and sleeves that are short enough to access your inner elbow.

Typically, you can expect your system to feel the benefits for 2 to 3 weeks.

IV drips require no downtime, meaning you can return to work right after treatment. Keep in mind that you’ll be well hydrated, meaning you may need to use the restroom more frequently.

Lume has full-time Registered Nurses.

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