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Vitamin IV Drip Therapy

30 minute sessions

Lume’s Vitamin IV Drips deliver nutrient-filled fluid directly into your bloodstream, allowing 100% absorption. Each Vitamin IV formula is specifically blended to address your health and wellness needs by combining optimal vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals blends.

Our Vitamin IV Drips can be combined to address multiple issues or used solo—it’s completely up to you. Lume's Registered Nurses administer all Lume Vitamin IV Drips, so schedule your IV Drip Therapy in Chicago today.

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Immunity Idol

Strengthen and protect your immune system. An excellent option for anyone recovering from an illness or needing an extra boost for their immune defenses. If you feel a cold coming on or you have a busy month of travel ahead, this is for you!


Ingredients: Vitamin C & Zinc

Suggested add-ons: Glutathione, Magnesium, Calcium
(Buy 2 add-ons, get a 3rd for free)

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Daily Calm

Formulated to help ease your mind and give you help against daily stress. After a long day or week, this drip is there to make you feel like yourself again. It works great for anxiety, calming the mood, and aiding in sleep.

Relaxation &
Improved sleep

Ingredients: Magnesium & Calcium

Suggested add-ons: B6, Taurine, Glutathione
(Buy 2 add-ons, get a 3rd for free)

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Slim Drip

Hydrate your body, rev your metabolism, and replenish your muscles. This is your motivation’s best alley to increase your energy and kick start your workout plan.


Ingredients: Carnitine & Amino Blend

Suggested add-ons: B-Complex, B12, Magnesium
(Buy 2 add-ons, get a 3rd for free)

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Champions Drip

For anyone preparing or recovering from a major athletic event or those who simply can’t seem to take a day off from the gym.


Ingredients: B-Complex & Magnesium

Suggested add-ons: Glutathione, Calcium, B12
(Buy 2 add-ons, get a 3rd for free)

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Glow Getter

Designed to support hair, skin and nail health. It’s helpful for anyone looking to tackle skin inflammation/scarring or those in need of a general radiance boost.

Skin & Hair

Ingredients: Biotin & Glutathione

Suggested add-ons: Vitamin C, Zinc, Carnitine
(Buy 2 add-ons, get a 3rd for free)

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How it works


The vitamins, electrolytes, and minerals in the vitamin IV drip are injected directly into your bloodstream and become immediately available to your cells, greatly decreasing the time it takes for the vitamins to take effect.


IV drips allow 100% of the vitamins to be absorbed into the bloodstream, unlike oral vitamins, which only allow for 20-30% absorption.

The Experience

You have the privacy to read, listen to music, nap, or work (if you must). Feel free to bring along a book, phone, or laptop.
Our staff will check in to see how you’re feeling and if there’s anything you need. If we can do anything to make your appointment better, just let us know.
Yes, we have charging ports! Even if your devices are dead, you can plug in and charge them while you’re here.
Your comfort is our priority, so snuggle in and get comfy. If you fall asleep, don’t worry—we will be sure to gently wake you when your session is done.
You are free to return to work or play immediately after your treatment.

"I loved that they have registered nurses to administer the IVs, so while the space was relaxing and beautiful, I felt very well taken care of by a trained professional. I left feeling rejuvenated."

- Rebecca H.


How should one prepare for their first IV therapy appointment?

To prepare for your first IV Therapy appointment, we have a few simple steps for you to follow. As a new client, you will receive an email containing a waiver and health history form. It is highly recommended that you complete these forms before your appointment. However, if you're unable to do so, don't worry! You can fill them out when you arrive at the studio.

Upon your arrival, our staff will take your vital signs and you'll have a brief talk with a medical provider - always a registered nurse. This is essential for us to gain a comprehensive understanding of your medical history and to determine how IV Drip Therapy can best support your unique wellness journey.

By following these steps and completing the necessary forms, you'll be well-prepared for your first IV Therapy appointment, ensuring that your treatment is safe and tailored specifically to your needs.

Vitamin IV Drips are generally well-tolerated by most patients, and few people experience side effects during or after treatment. A registered nurse will have a health and lifestyle consultation before your appointment to ensure an IV is safe and beneficial.

Wear something that allows comfortable access to your inner elbow.

Everyone’s body functions differently, but on average, the nutrients are maintained in your system for 2-3 weeks.

Most people integrate Vitamin IVs into their average daily routine with no downtime. After your IV, you’ll be very hydrated; expect to need to use the restroom frequently.

While there may be some initial discomfort during the IV needle insertion, there should be no pain or discomfort during your Vitamin IV Drip Therapy session.

Roughly 60% of your body is water,
prioritize hydration.

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