6 Benefits of Infrared Saunas

6 Benefits of Infrared Saunas

Infrared Saunas are not the saunas of your grandpa. It’s not a bunch of old guys sitting around and having a shvitz. Instead, Infrared Saunas are being widely adapted as a new, less intense way to get all of the normal benefits of a sauna without feeling like you’re going to pass out from the heat. 

Find out the top 6 benefits of Infrared Saunas:

  1. Unlike traditional saunas, Infrared Saunas use light from infrared lamps (that use electromagnetic radiation) to create heat. That means you get the benefits of sweating without feeling like you’re cooking your body.
  2. Sweating it out is a great way to eliminate toxins in your body.
  3. The heat from the sauna can help to relax muscles and relieve tension, making it the perfect addition to your regular rest and recovery routine.
  4. Your core temperature increases in an infrared sauna which can lead help you burn more calories as your body works to decrease your heart rate and cool your core body temperature. So if you’re trying to lose a bit of weight, a few Infrared Sauna sessions can help.
  5. When your core temperature rises, your circulation increases which can help relieve joint pain and lower inflammation, especially after strenuous exercise.
  6. Infrared Saunas help eliminate toxins not just from your body, but from your pores as well. Resulting in clearer, dewy, and healthy looking skin.
  7. The high temperatures not only relax your muscles but they can help relax your mind as well by balancing out your cortisol levels. You will feel relaxed and rejuvenated not only physically, but mentally.

Infrared saunas are an effective tool for natural healing and prevention yielding deep mental and physical rejuvenation. Promote healing from the inside out with up to 45 minutes in the Infrared Sauna. Find out more here.


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